September 22, 2020 Ricardo Stephens

That is not Digital Marketing

Ever come across these wall flyers, stickers or ads that say,

“Digital Marketing at XX Rs”

 And if the price interests you, sorry to say, you are just another victim of the Digital Marketing Misinterpretation Scam.

Being in the industry for almost 6 years and working with 100+ clients both nationally and overseas, we must warn you that Digital Marketing does not come with a price tag but totally depends on the scope of work.

For instance, imagine there were two Cafes say A and B. Café A is just about 2 weeks away from opening doors to customers while Café B is already 2 years old. Do you think the pricing for handling their Digital Marketing would be the same? Absolutely NO. Here’s why:

Café A requires a Reveal type branding method to tell the audience what they are and what they would offer to them. It would include executing teaser campaigns, running daily updates about their brand and essentially educating them about themselves. On the contrary, Café B has been present for 2 years in the market and needs no introduction. All it needs is educating the customer of what is easily available in their space, what they have been probably missing out on plus what all they can expect in the future. It’s that Simple you know. Why does the pricing need to be a fixed package since it involves a completely different scope of work module? Makes sense, right?

Pricing in the Digital Marketing Industry is completely based on the quantum of work and depends on factors such as:

          Age of the Brand

          Presence required across different platforms

          Target Audience

          Scope of Work Involved

          Duration of Marketing involved

          Brand Language and Etiquettes to be portrayed, etc


Another aspect similar to this issue that grabs our attention is the misinterpretation of Digital Marketing. We have met brands in the market that have shared feedback about what they perceived digital marketing to be. Some of them are shocking

“We believe making our Website with our products, services and about us is Digital Marketing”

“Our agency told us putting up a new post every day on our social media feed and growing followers is digital marketing.”

“Inviting bloggers/Influencers to put up a post or give our brand a shout out is digital marketing.”

And the misinterpretations keep going on and on.

So, now you might wonder what is Digital Marketing and what it signifies?

Well, to give you an answer in short, it is a customised solution for your brand that strictly promotes brand presence, fosters digital growth periodically and increases revenue or sale conversions by the effective use of ADVERTISING.

Yes, you read it right. Websites and Social Media Platforms are just serving as a platform for your brand, it’s the advertising that needs to be done right using the features of Digital Media. Moreover, the plan of actions and strategies will essentially vary from time to time since every brand is different in its own sense, style and operations.

So the next time, anyone tells you, “Digital Marketing in 5000 Rs/month”, stay alert or even better show them this blog to enlighten them.

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